Monday, August 16, 2010

Respecting your elders is not always easy

As human beings grow old, they may or may not become wiser, but they definitely become less attractive, more feeble, and frequently ornery.

What is ironic about this predicament is that the increasing "value added" to a human existence is wisdom, whereas if this elevated intellectual component exists -- resting on time and experience -- it tends to be inversely proportional to the availability and quality of the physical being hosting it.

In short, we have a public relations problem, but only if the society in question is in the process of devaluing its people on the basis of age.

A society that values the wisdom of its elders is a sound society. Such a society is not prejudiced by age or appearances, and so equally nurtures its children and elderly. 

We must respect our elders, society depends on what they have to say, but they are in the process of fading away and becoming more reclusive.