Sunday, August 07, 2011

Alex Grey's 'Holy Family'

The dynamic circle of man, woman, and child is the holy family of life. The body and the mind, the sexual and the spiritual are essential components of this inextricable bond. Nature stands beneath as a force of giving and taking.

A man and a woman must mate, sperm and egg must fuse, for the child to be born and life created. Nature provides for both this possibility as well as its negation. But nature remains at best indifferent and at worst hostile to both procreation and spirituality. Thus, ominously, beneath the holy family lurks the chaotic forces of disintegration, rising from the underworld, sinuous and threatening.

The child is positioned top center and is most illuminated, because the eternally wise child, and that same spirit within us, is sacred and supreme. The child is the spirit of life itself, and in its heart we literally see the whole world in its purest and most inspiring form. The child points its right index finger upward towards the eternal truth, and its other hand rests on the woman for support.

The man, the artist, being true to his nature, is focused outward on the world. He is naturally self-centered, but impeccably so: left hand pressed devotedly to heart and vision; whereas in the right holding a brush directed downward, a symbol for articulating, representing, and indirectly establishing the civilization that will protect and preserve the family from natural ignorance and chaos.

The woman adores the child, embraces it and is totally at one with what was created within in her womb. She is the one who immediately nurtures, loves, and protects the child. And she is more at one with the child than the man.