Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The strength of liberalism

I'm fed up with hearing conservatives mock the so-called indecisiveness of liberals, who are caricatured as lacking the guts to stand up for what they believe and incapable of getting things done. 

What put America on the map in the first place was political questioning and dissent that lead to one of the most dramatic revolutions in history and possibly the most noble people's constitution of all time. Liberals continue to carry that progressive torch, while conservatives think the job is done. 

The eternal strength of liberalism is its open-minded spirit of doubting and indecision employed in an unrelenting effort to reform society for the good of the many; whereas the reoccurring shortcoming of conservatism is its myopic determination to reduce everything to certainty, unanimity, and the status quo, politically and economically, for the ultimate satisfaction of the few. 

I am proud of America when it is striving to be better, not when it thinks it knows it is already the best. That is to say I am proud to be a liberal American.

The truth in autumn

Truth is like leaves falling from a tree. As children we run around trying to catch them, as adults we stop and watch them fall.